Namita & Ambreen on Why Sales Should Be Your #1 KPI in Digital Marketing & How To Get It Right

January 25, 2020

About This Episode

In this special episode, Ambreen and I answer some questions we get from business owners on making sales through digital marketing. We take you through what digital marketing is and how it can sometimes be challenging to get it right in the UAE, while also talking about the right mindset and approach one should have when doing digital marketing. We go through KPI’s and expectations from agencies or people you work with, and what the foundation of all marketing should be to help you get successful sales.

Things we discuss:

  • Why digital marketing is such a buzz word
  • Challenges of doing digital marketing in the UAE
  • The right mindset and approach to digital marketing for small businesses
  • Difference between social media and digital advertising
  • What determines a successful campaign & setting the right KPI’s
  • Understanding what to invest & results to expect from digital marketing
  • Why it’s a terrible idea to chase likes & followers & the business of fake engagement
  • Understanding and working with algorithms for digital success
  • Digital marketing for B2B businesse
  • How to pick the right agency to work withThe future of digital marketing and avoiding overwhelm of new platforms

Notable moments:

(29:52) If what you’re offering is not valuable to the audience, then in most cases, it’s not going to work. And that doesn’t just go for digital marketing, it goes for any form of marketing

(31:06) Your sales cycle and your customer journey – this is the businesses responsibility, to start thinking about these things. What is my customer journey, what is my sales process? If your sales team is not equipped properly and is not trained well and does not know how to handle the buzz that the digital marketing campaign creates for you, then you’re not going to get a result

(39:24) Your audience targeting is the most important thing you should keep in mind, because who your ad campaign reaches out to and who starts interacting with your ads.. the algorithm is watching that

(44:20) Consumers are also spoilt for choice over here in Dubai because of the fact that we’re a small audience and the locality, the area is also small. The audience has a lot of options on where to go in a small vicinity, so they’re picky – they can easily move from one place to the other, which makes it difficult for businesses


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