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Digital Marketing for Business Growth in GCC

A 14 day online course on using digital marketing to grow your business and 3x your sales


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Are you worried about the growth of your business?

Are you wondering how to market your business affordably to make up for lost revenue?

Do you need to cut budgets and stop paying heavy marketing fees to external agencies?

Are you looking for a way to generate sales without risky investments?

These are troubling times for small businesses

COVID-19 has all the businesses come to a standstill, and while we are all stranded at home, it is key that this time is carefully invested in learning and growth.

This is the time businesses need to audit and plan their growth to determine how they are going to bounce back from revenue lost during this period.

We all know this curfew shall end and business will go back to normal. In fact, the world will change and embrace digital media more - digital marketing will become even more important to drive growth and make up for lost time.

It is precisely for this reason that we urge you to use this time to learn what it takes to be successful using digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners

Learn how to use digital tools to fuel business growth with online marketing tactics that generate high ROI at the most affordable marketing costs.

✖ You don’t need crazy huge advertising budgets, and you don’t need to feel handicapped when thinking about how to market your business and boost your sales.

✔ You can take control of your businesses future, and you can do so by investing this time into learning, planning and setting up the right foundations.

In support of all small business owners and in support of learning and growing through this challenging period, we’re offering our flag ship course for $97 (otherwise $3,500).

This course is a start-to-finish guide on EVERYTHING that we do as a digital marketing agency to generate upto 19x returns for our clients.

What you’ll get is invaluable hands-on training on the key aspects to grow your business using digital marketing, with live support along the way from our team.


  • Creating a digital strategy plan for your service & business
  • Choosing what to advertise
  • Calculating profitable ad spend
  • Crafting the right offer
  • Mapping & segmenting your ideal customers & customer avatars
  • Creating Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Creating Google Ads (Search, Youtube & Banners)
  • Picking the right platforms to advertise on
  • Creating the right target audience for campaigns
  • Generating quality leads
  • Gearing campaigns for online sales
  • Troubleshooting ad campaigns
  • Crafting high-converting ad copy & creatives using the ad grid
  • Creating graphics that get clicks
  • Crafting buy-worthy sales pages
  • Optimising websites to be conversion-friendly
  • Setting up tracking & plugins to boost your digital performance
  • DIY social content
  • SEO basics to get your site ranking organically on Google
  • Email marketing to engage your subscribers
  • Email automation to close conversions & take prospects through your sales funnel

BONUS: The future of selling in times of rapid change with Ramez Helou, founder of The Academy for Sales Excellence

BONUS: Thrive together vs. struggle alone with Phil Bedford, Master Franchisee of Asentiv

BONUS: Managing Cash Flow in a Crisis - Control the Controllables, with Simran Samtani, Sr. Partner at Xcel Accounting

BONUS: How to be an effective connector and leverage on your network, with Eileen Lee-Connor


This is a 14 day training with LIVE sessions (recordings will also be available) taking place everyday from 15th April onwards. These sessions will take place on Zoom, from 2-4 PM.

On the day of each training, you'll receive your invite with the Zoom link, so you can join the session live - this way, you're able to follow along live and ask questions.

If you're unable to attend the live sessions, or if you prefer to just watch the training at leisure rather than attend live, all sessions will be recorded, and the recordings will be sent to you every day after the live session of the day ends.

You'll have lifetime access to these recordings, so you can do the training live, or at leisure whenever you'd like to.

You will also have access to our community on a Private Facebook Group, where you can interact with other small businesses, ask questions, and get answers to the similar problems that small businesses may be facing during this time.

You will also have ongoing support from us on the Private Facebook Group for 1 month, to guide you through any questions as you progress through what you've learnt in the course.


  • Small business owners that want to grow their business using digital marketing
  • Marketing managers looking to execute or better understand ROI-driven digital marketing
  • Individuals that want hands-on training on executing start-to-finish result-driven digital marketing campaigns


Above Digital specializes in generating leads and sales for small businesses.

With 16 years of experience under the belt working with small businesses, we specialize in working with affordable budgets for the every day business owner, and we know how to generate exponential revenue using the right methods of the digital landscape.

We've trained

Featured Speakers

Namita Ramani established her own digital agency in 2004 in Dubai, UAE and is also the host of the podcast Successful Marketing for Small Businesses in Dubai. Over the years, she and her dedicated team evolved into Above Digital and have helped over 300 companies reach their target audiences and convert prospects into customers. Above Digital employs digital channels like Google PPC and SEO campaigns, Social Media and Email marketing to generate leads via their client’s websites.

  •  Other Featured Speakers
  • Ambreen Hasan is the Head of Operations at Above Digital, and manages all strategy and growth for the various businesses that Above Digital serves. Along with the team, the core focus on the digital strategy created is to maximize ROI from digital spends, by analyzing and choosing the best platforms and best products/services to advertise for maximum returns.

    Sheetal Raghunath is the Marketing Manager at Above Digital, and manages all the digital activity for Above Digital’s clients, while focusing on delivering creative digital campaigns that drive real-world results. She works closely with the team to drive innovative, cost effective marketing strategies, promotions and initiatives that help businesses thrive using various digital marketing tools.

    Matilda Fernandes is a creative Marketing Executive who works within the Above Digital execution team to cultivate meaningful and impactful consumer connections through strategic paid media and digital marketing platforms including Facebook & Instagram. As an active member of the team, she manages social media accounts, develops digital marketing plans and analyzes digital performance reports for Above Digital's clients.

    Maliha Rohail is the Design and Social Media Executive with a keen eye for graphics, a flair for copy-writing and social media marketing. Using computer-aided design software, email marketing and developing targeted content strategies for branding and social media, she has helped our clients enhance their presence in the online world.

    Marwan Khan is responsible for management of the Google Ads Accounts. Creating SEM marketing campaigns. Testing and analysing the performance of PPC campaigns to determine efficiency and effectiveness, also Optimise marketing campaigns for the best performance based on reports & working as part of the marketing team & assisting others when necessary.

    Nimisha Menon is a savvy Marketing Executive with a passion for all things marketing and technology. She has in-depth technical understanding of digital marketing and works as part of the team in planning and execution of marketing campaigns and formulation of digital strategies to help clients build a lasting connection with consumers.

Our Podcast

Namita & Ambreen on Why Sales Should Be Your #1 KPI in Digital Marketing & How To Get It Right

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How will I participate in the course?
  • The live sessions will take place on Zoom every day at 2 PM (GST), starting 15th April. Once you sign up for the course, you'll also receive an invite to our Private Facebook Group, where you will have lifetime access to the recorded sessions at any time in the future as well.
  •  There are so many digital marketing courses out there - what makes this one special?
  • This digital marketing course is specifically targeted at small business owners and those who are marketing small businesses with smaller budgets. The training focuses on sales-oriented material for small businesses with smaller budgets, and teaches how to bring the maximum returns without breaking the bank. It is also created specifically for the UAE & Gulf region, where digital marketing strategies can vary a lot, compared to the US & West. A lot of digital marketing courses made without region-specific content are not very useful in tackling the unique challenges digital marketers face in this region, due to different consumer behaviors and smaller population sizes.
  •  Who will deliver this course?
  • This course will be delivered by the Above Digital team, which comprises of experts in strategy, ads management, SEO, social media content creation, copywriting and email marketing, with experience of over 16 years marketing SME's in the UAE and across the globe.
  •  How much does this cost?
  • In normal circumstances, we would market this course at least USD 3500. Considering that the businesses are dying and there are salary cuts and unpaid leaves for most of us, we are offering this entire training for just USD 97
  •  In how many days will this course be delivered?
  • 14 live sessions (1 to 2 hours each) at a fixed time daily starting April 15th, 2020. References and study materials will be provided. You will also receive 1-month support post the completion of the course and lifetime access to the recordings.
  •  Is this the right time for me to be taking this course?
  • Knowledge is never wasted. What you will learn with the Above Digital team can be applied to your business or your current job and this knowledge will equip you with valuable insights and tools for the road ahead. What you’ll get is a step by step guide on how to successfully grow or launch your business using digital marketing from hands-on digital marketing experts, which can be applied to boost your sales online now and in the future.
  •  Is this course valuable for people with an e-commerce store?
  • Yes, we will be covering e-commerce marketing tactics within the course as well
  •  I don’t currently have a website. Is it okay for me to take this course?
  • Yes, absolutely. We cover websites in a dedicated session and guide you on the best methods to get your website up and running. We also take you through the best structure for a website, including insights on making it conversion-friendly that can be applied by those who already have a website too.

14 live Zoom sessions

Daily 2-3 hour classes

Lifetime access

Private Facebook Group

Ongoing support