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Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Visual Content for Social Media

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Visual Content for Social Media

Did you know that followers on social media are 44% more likely to engage with your content if it contains pictures? Visual content can be one of the most powerful tools in your brand’s social media arsenal.

So how do you make sure you’re using your visual content effectively?

Optimise your images

Every social media platform has different dimensions for image uploads, which means every image you share needs to be optimised specifically for various platforms. This ensures that it looks good and relevant details don’t get cut off. Nobody is going to be impressed with content that clearly hasn’t been optimised for their timeline.

Maintain a specific design scheme

When creating visual content to share on social media, it’s important to have a set design scheme that you follow, usually in line with your brand colors.

We recommend spending some time creating design templates that you can easily update with content: for example, a template for an image with a horizontal banner of text. Make sure to keep what you post on social media consistent by sticking to a colour palette, so that it is immediately identifiable with your brand.

Use the power of quote graphics

Social media is flooded with quote graphics, and for good reason – people love a personal touch that helps them connect with you and your brand.

It allows them to form a unique relationship with the identity of your brand, rather than just the product you sell. And it is exactly this relationship that creates consumer loyalty. Plus, people enjoy sharing & tagging such images with friends, making it a great way to boost user engagement.

Pop in some photographs

Scrolling across a page with just designed graphics can get pretty boring and monotonous. Break the rut by sharing photographs instead of graphically designed visual content once in a while.

Not only does this capture more attention, it gives a human element to your brand. While this doesn’t necessarily mean sharing group photo’s of the team every day, it can be used to perhaps photograph the new orders that have just been prepared for shipping.

The possibilities are endless! Your audience starts seeing your brand as a group of working individuals, rather than a faceless corporation.

Visual content has slowly and surely become the king of social media sharing, so make sure your marketing plans reflect the importance of images.

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