Testimonial - Academy

She not only knows the managerial and strategic stuff but also the tactile and execution, which only the industry experts know


Intercoil International

It’s an amazing course. It really opened my eyes. We’re a small team so time is of an essence. The funnels that she’s taught us and how we can automate a lot of the systems to get leads and get people to the decision making position before I have to spend a lot of time on it was really great. I really recommend it

Barry Morgan

Owner, BM Photography Productions

I can strongly advise to do this training because there are a lot of tools and they are difficult to use. One of the good things about this training is to learn to start with your customer or client prospect. So I’m really glad having done this training and i’ve taken out of it quite a lot for Prudential Middle East. Thank you

Paul Harts

Principal Consultant, Prudential Middle East

(This workshop with Namita Ramani) opened my mind completely. Now, I’m able to go back and make a strategy from where we want to take this project, plus to some areas in our business that we’ve been lacking in. Even what I’ve learnt from the past 3 days, we can implement those.

Peter Dowling

Owner, House of Maria Dowling

The difference between the trainings with Namita and the trainings that I’ve had elsewhere is that their scope was too broad and Namita made it seem like this was about me. For me, Namita’s approach was about clarifying things instead of being an overwhelm of all things. Once I was part of the conversation, then it started to really take off


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