My current favourite Podcast that takes up most of my reading time! - Academy

My current favourite Podcast that takes up most of my reading time!

My current favourite Podcast that takes up most of my reading time!

Did you get to read the last couple of mailers I sent before I stopped writing them?

If not, you can find all the previous articles I have written from the secret of our success, to what I have learnt from my mentors and a few more, here.

My team, especially Ambreen always insists I write these emails and share the stuff I read to our list.

I read and listen to books and podcasts almost 2-4 hours a day. Sometimes more sometimes less.

Usually, I brain dump all the information I listen on to my team.

There are times they get excited to hear the new stuff I am reading about and I am sure there have been times when they get bored. Thank god they never voice that 🙂

I am actually scared of sharing too much or being judged by what I share, which leads to procrastination and the next thing I know is that I have dropped this task altogether.

I am sure this has happened to you before, yes?

My problem is that I read so much,  I get lost in my world of ideas on what to write.

I also read different types of books and listen to podcasts from mind to business to marketing to spirituality to psychedelics to anti-aging (well yeah…I am a woman and the anti-aging topic is close to my heart ;)) and everything in between.

Too much information creates brain fog.

And that has started to happen to me a lot.

All this reading and listening to books is making my brain too active to get a good night sleep.

I am advised by friends and family to give myself a reading detox by listening to music once in a while. Or sometimes by not listening to anything.

I have yet to take any of the above advice. 😐

Enough of ranting, let’s get to the topic of today’s email here…

But before that, I want to share with you that I am working on a special project which I shall reveal soon. 

So keep an eye out for my announcement. 

Today, I want to share with you what is keeping my ears hooked to those headphones, particularly these days!

It’s Tim Ferris’s Podcast called The Tim Ferriss Show.

It’s one of my favorite and if you have not started listening to his show, I would highly highly recommend you do.

And my favorite episode was when his guest was one of my marketing mentors. Seth Godin.

I absolutely love all his books and it was such a delight to get to know him more through Tim’s podcast.

When 2 of your favorite people are having a conversation, you sit down with a pen and paper and take notes 🙂

I bought and downloaded all the books, Seth Godin, reads or listens to.

One of them was Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing The Sale.

He listens to this book often sometimes once a month. So I started with this one from all his recommendations.

If your job in the company is to sell, you must… must read this book.

Rather listen.

Not only is Zig extremely funny and entertaining, but the wisdom of the stories he shares from his real-life during the 60’s apply to today as well.

In one of the stories, he tries to explain how choosing a low price item can cost you more than the price you pay for it and it would have been smarter to invest in a better quality product which then lasted him for years.

The story goes like this.

When they were living in South Carolina and their son was about 6 years old, they wanted to buy him a bicycle. They went to the local store where they had an option to buy a bike for 34.95$ and another one for 65$.

Can you guess which one they bought?

Of course, the cheaper one.

However, in a week’s time of using the bike, the handlebars broke. So they went back to the store and as the bike was still in the warranty, he got the handles replaced without any cost.

After almost a month the handlebars broke again. And this time the warranty was over, so he had to pay about 6.95$ to replace the handlebars.

After a couple of months,  some other important part of the bike broke which cost him almost 15$.

By now, the bike cost him about 56$ in 6 months. That’s almost 9$ a month + the discomfort of going to the store for the repairs all the time.

He got frustrated and decided to scrap this bike and buy the higher-priced one which was for 65$.

This better quality bike lasted him for more than 10 years until his son was too old for the bike with absolutely bare minimum repairs.

So if you do the math, this expensive bike of 65$ costed him 6$ a year vs the cheaper one which cost him 9$ a month.

The moral of the story is how much did that expense cost him vs the price he paid.

So why am I sharing the story here?

I have seen most businesses do this mistake of choosing a cheaper vendor/product and then struggling to get the results.

With this email, I want you to think about this story and apply to your purchases by choosing quality over price. Because a cheaper product or a vendor will eventually cost you way more in the long run.

Unlike the bike example, the stake at the business level is way higher.

Time lost =  Opportunity loss = Revenue loss

On this note, I will close this email.

I want some feedback from you though.

Has it happened with you when you have tried to save and it has actually cost you way more than investing in a better vendor or product?

I would love to hear your stories here on our blog.

I love reading long emails. Maybe that’s why my emails are long as well.

How was your summer by the way?

I had such a great holiday this summer. My best holiday ever.

What I did and where I went, I will share with you in my next email.

Until then, wish you a lovely week ahead!

And waiting to hear your stories on our blog here.

Here is to your success.


I am recently finished this amazing book called The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. 

Absolutely life-changing.

This book has made me look at situations, setbacks, delays and opportunities with new lenses and sort of created this amazing peace and calm within.

I am no more anxious to reach a place or a destination or a level at work anymore.

The author explains how surrendering can open up new doors to amazing success in personal and business life. 

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