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Content Marketing on Linkedin – Yay or Nay?

Content Marketing on Linkedin – Yay or Nay?

Content marketing across different social networks has indeed proven to be essential in today’s marketing world – particularly with B2B marketing.

Facebook and Twitter have allowed businesses – whether small or big to reach out to a wide network of users & make an impact on followers and clients, new and old. Of all the social media platforms, the role of Linkedin in content marketing has always been underestimated.

But not anymore…as once confined to professional networking & regarded as a site where you keep your digital resume and virtual business card collection, Linkedin has emerged to be a powerful platform to generate, share, and create content.

Linkedin is on the rise as one of the most popular social networking platforms in 2015 & is a great source for B2B marketing as it connects you to likeminded businesses.

While Facebook and Twitter are ruling the digital marketing space – one can’t just rule out how Linkedin is proving to be the ideal platform to help you reach out to more professional audience which apparently is an essential part of any content marketing strategy.

Does that mean Linkedin can be a great choice for content marketing?

Well, before we draw in any conclusion, let us first evaluate the pros & cons of using Linkedin as a content marketing platform as only then can we decide how effective it can prove for businesses.


Fewer Distractions so Visitors Can Focus on Your Content

On Linkedin , users are almost always focused and in the business mindset. There’s a lot of noise you have to cut through on other social platforms, but there’s a lot less of it on LinkedIn.

Takes Content Beyond Blogs

Linkedin’s publishing platform not only allows blogs, but it also encourages sharing for SlideShare slideshows, photos and videos. With LinkedIn, you are encouraged to go the extra mile with your content marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Score Gives Insight to Your Best Content

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score allows you to measure the effectiveness and success of your content marketing. It rates the quality and effectiveness of user content which helps you come up with the best piece of content that guarantees results.


While Linkedin does allow for targeted reach & is an excellent way to connect with businesses, advertising on this platform tends to cost more. For smaller businesses, Linkedin ads happen to be more expensive than FB ads.

Linkedin is clearly becoming a powerful platform to generate, share, and create content – do you think it’s a great tool to boost content marketing? Do share your comment below.