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CASE STUDY: 8573% ROI – Yes, It’s Possible!

CASE STUDY: 8573% ROI – Yes, It’s Possible!

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At Above Digital, we’re constantly applying new strategies and methods on our client campaigns – which is why we’re proud to say that our campaigns show a consistent improvement month after month.

In the month of February, we hit a new milestone for a particular client: reaching a goal of 500+ leads generated through Facebook Marketing in just 30 days.

Psst.. the result was 8573% ROI!!!!

Campaign details

Services being advertised:

  • Hair Transplant – AED 5,000
  • Botox & Fillers – AED 950
  • Laser Hair Removal – AED 1,499
  • Mesotherapy – AED 349
  • Carbon Peel – AED 1,200

Average cost of service – AED 1799

Total amount spent from February 1st – February 29th – AED 11, 625


We used a mix of lead ads and click to website objectives to increase the results from the spend of the client.

The goal was to decrease the gap between number of clicks and number of leads, in order to increase the returns from the allocated budget.


The campaign generated a total of 554 leads in the month of February – 380 through Lead Ads and 214 through appointment bookings on the website.

With the average cost of service being AED 1,799 and the total leads equalling 554, the potential revenue generated from this campaign was an astounding AED 996,646!

That’s 8573% return on investment.

Now who can say they see such amazing results from other marketing sources?