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7 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Writing for Better Conversions

7 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Writing for Better Conversions

Great content is fundamental to every website. From influencing brand promotion to building awareness of your product, what you write and how you write is key to every stage of the consumer buying cycle – particularly when it comes to decision-making and getting your site’s visitors to convert.

Your choice of words could either tempt people to buy, or make them lose interest in your product altogether – and every business aspires to have a copy that can impact their bottom line.

Content that converts is easy to spot; it flows effortlessly, stimulates readers’ emotions, and generates a strong wish to act. The question is – how to write something that’s this effective? What exactly is the secret behind writing a copy that converts?

Well, here are seven features that will help kick your conversion copywriting efforts into high gear.

1) Keep a positive tone: Positivity does have a great impact on your target customers. It builds in more loyalty & trust in the brand. When your writing has a positive tone, it stands out to be very personal where you have a direct approach with the reader. It’s simple, accessible and very easy to comprehend.

2) Be concise: Every single word used in your web copy should add value for the reader and act as a significant part of your argument or purpose. Cut out excessive language whenever possible and aim for an average sentence length of about 16 words.

3) Use subheads and bullets: According to a study, 79% of readers skim, while only 16% read every word on a page. Breaking up your page with subheads and bullets will make it easier for those 79% to digest the copy—and ultimately take a desired action—on your website.

4) Avoid overuse of buzzwords: Including certain keywords that drive in traffic is a wise thing to do – but stuffing in words can have an adverse effect on your writing. Overuse of buzzwords and industry jargons affects the clarity of your content and damages concision.

5) Use strong CTAs: The very purpose of your copy is to make the end reader take an action. This is where CTAs help you. They tell the user what to do. To write call-to-actions that can trigger action, use an assertive tone. If you want to make a sale, go for the sale. Close it. Just say it.

6) Know your audience: You need to understand your target audience – specifically their pain points and attend to them in your web copy. Find out why people buy your product or service, how they buy it, what they use it for, and what really matters to them.

7) Revise and optimize: Writing great copy is all about improvising. Always keep changing your way of writing. Experiment with changing fonts, colors, and graphic placements within your web copy to learn how to most effectively drive people to your desired action. Revision and optimization should be a regular practice.

Use these tips to lead your dreary copy ensure that your copy out of the grave and convert every time. The end result will be wonderful: increased sales, better revenue, more customers, and through-the-roof conversions.

Have more ideas to write a copy that converts? Do share with us in the comment box below.