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#1 Sales-Focused Lead Generation Agency in Dubai, from 15 Years

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we help small businesses reach their goals and generate leads and customers for them using online marketing channels.

We generate qualified leads through PPC marketing and social media marketing in Dubai using:

Unlike other agencies, we track every lead that comes through and offer a lead management solution to track conversion rates and how many leads turned into confirmed sales


Our Integrated Digital Marketing package takes a holistic approach to marketing that includes all important pillars needed for successful and sustainable growth that keeps your business running and helps you grow.

Generate New Customers
Retain Existing Customers
Automate Upsells & Repeat Salesss

Google Adwords

To generate qualified, interested audience that are looking for your products and services

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

To remarket, close unfinished conversions and upsell at lower costs

Social Media Management

To engage, build trust and display your brand/service quality organically

Email Marketing

To retain, upsell and increase rebookings from existing clients at a fraction of ad costs

Content Marketing

To build organic ranking through blogs, while educating and creating authority for your service
Identifying objectives and creating a strategic plan

In this initial phase, we identify result-driven goals, how we want customers to reach us, and what services or products to advertise in order for us to receive the biggest bang for our buck. We work together to find a balance between what’s in demand, and what will pool in the most revenue, in order to justify advertising costs. We generally term these as the highest ROI services.

Creating the campaigns

Our team then gets to work to setup landing pages, creatives, content and campaigns to kick-off your digital marketing success. This includes all matter for advertising, social media, email shots and blogs. Everything is sent for approvals before we go live.

Campaign optimizations
(to reduce costs, increase results, improve ROI)

After the initial few days, we analyze data, leads and customer quality, and start optimizing the campaigns to improve results. The goal here is to reduce costs, increase results, and improve ROI. Based on your feedback, we accelerate what’s working and tweak what’s needed.

On-going management

The ongoing management is a daily process where we keep a tab on numbers and refresh campaigns whenever needed to keep the steadiest and lowest costs possible. We allocate and shift budgets to get the lowest cost per conversions. We also provide recommendations on when it’s time to change something or add additional streams to further improve performance and revenue.

  • Terms & Conditions
  • *PPC campaigns are for up to 2 services. Should you wish to add additional services to increase bookings or sales for them, there will be an addition campaign management fee per service. *Budget spend for the ads is not included in our management cost, and is paid directly by the client to Google, Facebook & Instagram. We recommend an initial budget to the client to get started, and you can then increase your spend to reach more people once you are confident and satisfied with the current return on spend. *We require a minimum 3 month sign-up for new clients. While all clients see immediate results, a 3 month period is required for any digital marketing plan to be optimized and stabilized. *Setup time is 1 month from project confirmation. Where possible, we try to get the project up in 15 days.


We’re proud to say that a lot of the clients who have taken a chance with us have stuck around and continued for years to come

Meet Namita Ramani, Our CEO

Namita Ramani established her own digital agency in 2004 in Dubai, UAE and is also the host of the podcast Successful Marketing for Small Businesses in Dubai. Over the years, she and her dedicated team evolved into Above Digital and have helped over 300 companies reach their target audiences and convert prospects into customers. Above Digital employs digital channels like Google PPC and SEO campaigns, Social Media and Email marketing to generate leads via their client’s websites.

  •   What results will I see by taking up this package?
  • Our results are focused on generating new leads, enquiries, and sales. Most of the clients who work with us sign on for an annual package – our goal is to do digital marketing that gets you results. i.e: brings you new business and new customers. We are lead generation experts, and have made this package to sustainably help your business attract new customers and get return in form of revenue by what you spend. (not just likes and engagements that don’t pay the bills!)

  •   How can I be sure this will work for me?
  • You can never be sure of anything, but we have a proven result rate. Plus, our goal is to always make it sustainable and profitable for our client, as only when you succeed to do we get to keep you on as a client in our agency. We also carefully assess our clients industry, product or service, and only take on clients that we believe we can actually help and show results.

  •   Are there any guarantees?
  • We guarantee a minimum of 30 new leads every month. However, this is the bare minimum, and most clients receive well over this number (as seen in case studies above) based on their industry, product and service.

  •  What is the minimum sign up period?
  • We have a minimum contract of 3 months for new sign ups. The first 3 months are where the groundwork is laid out and strategies are put into place. As we gather data, we continue to optimize to improve results. Due to the nature of digital marketing and based on the way potential customers are interacting with your product/service, strategies sometimes need to be tweaked. Most times, you see instant results – but it is possible that if people being sent to the website are not buying, we may need to dig deeper and change certain things based on the data and the possible barriers. It’s like going to the doctor – there is a little bit of a trial and error process if things don’t workout immediately.

  •   What if I want to cancel?
  • We understand that there may be times where you need to get out of a commitment, and thus allow for a cancellation of the annual contract, provided we are given 2 months notice (so that we can fill our additional roster spot).

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